Krista + Kelley || Family Farm Wedding

My beautiful cousin Krista married her sweetheart Kelley at his family farm last weekend. Krista was one of my first modelling subjects when I started in photography so it was fun to work with her again to document her wedding. The ceremony was a real tearjerker, as you will see in the images below. Congrats to Krista, Kelley and their adorable daughter Haley!

Photos by Cat and J.R. Clubb 

Russell Wedding

Toronto residents Claire and Sean were married on her family property just outside of Markdale, Ontario. They threw a big party with 178 of their closest friends and family. The property transformed into a trailer park as rented RV's arrived allowing guests to fully enjoy the party and camp out for the night. They were married by their brothers, adding a special touch to the ceremony. With Sean being in the music industry, he called upon the band Black Belt Jones to get the reception started in the big barn. It was a perfect summer day, and a beautiful celebration. Congrats Claire and Sean. You guys definitely win the prize for most easy going couple! Thanks!

Cinematic Photography by J.R. & Cat 

The Art of the Groom Portrait

The Yeung wedding in Toronto provided some great examples of the classic groom portrait. Jimmy began his prep at the Shangri-La Hotel and moved on to the Distillery District for a portrait session. In a lot of wedding photography, grooms are often overlooked, sometimes not even photographed. Why? The portrait of the handsome groom is something that his beautiful bride will love for years to come.

cigar and bowtie
art of groom portrait-6.jpg
Groom Portrait
CN Tower Toronto
art of groom portrait-3.jpg
Prada Shoes
Cuff Links
art of groom portrait-5.jpg

Groom Portraits at Shangri-La Hotel and the Distillery District in Toronto. 

Photos by J.R. Clubb & Cat Clubb